Mural Planning

What you need to know about mural design and planning!


A consultation is the first step toward making your Work of Art a reality. I would be happy to meet with you and discuss the many wonderful possibilities for a mural in your home or office, and the ways in which a mural can enrich you personally and/or professionally. At that time I can also see, measure, and photograph the wall or walls you have in mind, so that I may determine the square footage and create a spectacular Design. There is no obligation, and no pressure. Consultations are free within a 25 mile radius of Burlington, WI. For consultations beyond 25 miles, there is a small charge proportional to the distance required for travel.  If the consultation turns into a job with a paid deposit the consultation fee is waived.



The cost of murals is determined mostly by the amount of detail in the subject matter and size of space. More detail -- means more time, and the more time of course means more money. For example, some basic murals cost much less than very detailed murals. Yet, both work perfectly in their respective settings.

I can work within virtually any budget, so if you have a particular budget allotted for your project, just let me know and I will craft a design to fit that budget - which I can do either by simplifying the design, or perhaps by finding a clever way to reduce the amount of square footage to be painted. Once we agree upon a design, you will know well in advance - and in writing – exactly how much your mural will cost and this price will cover and include all labor, most materials. Anything else relevant to the execution of the work.  If there are design changes, additions, or revisions made to concept after project is started there could be additional charges on final invoice. Before starting the project you will get an estimate of costs and a contract to sign.  A deposit is required to start the project and put a time-line together.                                 

Traveling expenses will be added to the cost of the mural - airfare, lodging, rental car, etc.  For projects more than 25 mile radius there is a $20 per day travel charge.


Based both upon your desires and the needs of the space, I will then create a series of eye-catching designs that will be a perfect fit for the walls in question. Best of all, the design for your mural can be shown superimposed over your wall so that you can see ahead of time what the mural will look like and the most amazing effect that it will have on your room.  This is at additional cost.

Designs can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity and/or esoteric nature of the subject matter. Some designs you will love right away, and some you won’t - still others may need to be tweaked. My goal is to create the best possible design for the best possible mural, and by working together we can do just that. So tell me what you think. I value your input.


There is a deposit fee of $200 to create designs for small to mid-size murals. Larger murals, due to their increased complexity, require a deposit fee of 30% of the estimated minimum.

All fees for concept work are invoiced at the point of sign off of the creative concept.


All fees for concept work are invoiced at the point of sign off of the creative concept. Once we agree on a price and a design, we will draft an agreement outlining in detail, what I will do for you, how much it will cost, a payment schedule, when I will start, when I will finish, and any other details pertinent to the execution of the project. We will both have a signed copy of this Agreement.

Any changes in the scope or concept of the project will require signing a new agreement or an addendum to the original agreement.

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